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Some marriage lasts, some do not. Some couples end their marital union as early as five years or ten years while there are those who decide to get a divorce after thirty or forty years.

Life must got on!

There are several reasons why the divorce came late. It could be that both the husband and wife opted to go through marriage counseling first in an attempt to save their union. Maybe the decision of ending the marriage was only made after every effort of trying to save it has failed.

Divorce for older people is more complicated compared to the separation of young married couples. As seen in many cases by Sterling Hughes divorce lawyers, the more that the parties get older; the more legal issues there are to be resolved.

When a couple ends the marriage at old age, there are already several properties that they have acquired together and most probably, their children are already emancipated from them. (ref. a )

Therefore, the court needs to take all these matters in a separate manner. Their rulings or judgments will be highly affected. Nonetheless, it must be noted that the proceedings for the divorce will still be the same.

All the party litigants are still expected to comply with the substantive and remedial laws during the trial and hearing of the divorce case.

Under our jurisdiction, compromise agreement for divorce may be entered between the spouses. This means that they can simply negotiate all by themselves without court intervention.

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However, it is imperative that all agreements made between the parties must not be contrary to law, public order, good custom, morals and public policy. When the private agreement has already been completed, a copy will be submitted to the court for approval. Once approved, the said instrument will be considered as the law between the signatories. They are expected to comply with all the provisions therein.

On the other hand, if the parties of old age are not willing to settle their issues amicably, the proper action to take is to file for divorce in court. During the proceedings, the respective lawyers must represent both parties. As already mentioned above, divorce for older people can become more complicated compared to the separation of young married couples. (ref. a, b )

As such, the assistance of divorce attorneys will be of great help to both the parties. At the same time, the services of other professional individuals may also be needed such as a certified public accountant or a property appraiser.

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